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Director: Hu Mei

Wang Changsheng, a talented performer of martial roles in Peking opera, is the rising star of the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe in Yangzhou. Emperor Qianlong sends Princess Feng to Jiangnan to select an opera troupe to enter the Forbidden City. Although favored by the princess, Wang Changsheng resolutely elopes with his fiancée, Fang Chunrong, as they had agreed. This move causes the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe to run into a great crisis and also makes Jiang Chun, the owner of the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe, never to recover from the setback, staying in bed due to illness for a long time.  Meanwhile, Yue Jiu, a famous performer in the Forbidden City, is driven away by the court from the capital due to being set up by his peers, forcing him to flee to Yangzhou in the south.

The two opera talents, who didn't know each other before, meet in a town by destiny. Yue Jiu is chased by killers and Changsheng comes to his rescue. At night, they talk about opera as if they were old friends. Seeing that, Fang Chunrong manages to persuade her husband to go back to Yangzhou, but unexpectedly, she is taken away by her family. Changsheng returns to the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe. Through his own effort and with appreciation from the princess, he wins a chance to save the opera troupe. But, to his surprise, Emperor Qianlong changes his mind and asks the acrobatic troupe to meet him. The chance of meeting the emperor and the provisions and funds the princess has promised are gone. The princess is asked to go back to the palace urgently. Yue Jiu gives money to save the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe on the condition that he can perform with Wang Changsheng together in the Forbidden City. Finally, the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe enters the Forbidden City smoothly.  Wang Changsheng and Yue Jiu jointly give a grand performance for Emperor Qianlong, who comes to make an inspection tour.  From then on, the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe, Wang Changsheng, and others perfect their performance and go down in history. 
Director: Ann Hui

This film is set in Hong Kong in the 1940s. Fang Lan, a young and charming girl, and her mother, depend on each other to live. They rent the second floor of their house to the writer, Mao Dun, and his wife, Kong Dezhi. Fang Lan has a passion for Mao Dun's writings and can feel a revolutionary fervor and strong national integrity in his work. However, Fang Lan knows little about the turbulent political situation and tense political atmosphere around her.

Liu Jinjin is a progressive young man in excellent physical condition. Entrusted by the Party, he is responsible for escorting a group of important scholars who are stranded in Hong Kong to return to the mainland. Mao Dun and his family are on the list. Accidentally, Fang Lan gets involved in the dangerous event. Advised and encouraged by Liu Jinjin, she joins the revolutionary ranks. Thus, the mother and daughter get swept up in the torrent of history.

Director: Rima Das

Dhanu lives in remote Assam amidst raging depravation. A free spirit, she firmly believes in the power of her, grand dreams. Her widowed mother struggles to make ends meet but despite the poverty. Dhunu is determined to form a rock band with the boys in her village and wants to be the proud owner of a guitar. She remains undeterred in the face of gender discrimination, the lack of support from the boys and a society that threatens to pull her back.


Younis is the only survivor of a diving team in the epic and sacred defense area next to the Persian Gulf Coast. He wants to remind his mates of the importance of environmental protection as he is confronted with more serious oil pollution at sea. On the way of collecting evidence against the powerful enterprises, he, teaming with a single mother and her daughter, has to fight a battle of wits and courage.

In the end, to memorize his missing friend Arsalan under the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf and to remind people of the importance of nature preservation, a memorial is set up at the bottom of the sea.

Director: Nosir Saidov
Synopsis: The plot takes place in present day Dushanbe. The main character, Anvar is a single parent who did everything to give good upbringing to his son Shahzod.
Meanwhile, story of another character unfolds before our eyes. Romish is a regular guy living in Dushanbe with his own trials and tribulations. He finds out that he has couple month to live because of his heart disease. By the will of fate, Romish kills Shahzod.
Death of Anvars’ son turns his life upside down. But life has misterious ways. Now Anvar has two goals in his life, to find out the killer and who is donor recipient for Shahzods’ heart.
Anvar soon finds out that Shahzods’ heart was transplanted to Romish. After finding him they develop warm relationships. Anvar convinces himself that there is still a piece of his son that is alive and through Romish he can live on. Romish starts to feel akwardly close to Anvar. Is it the heart or just him being an orphan and never feeling parents love? He escaped death but his past torments his guilty conscience.
This drama tells the story f how unpredictable life can be. It is about how many times life can hit you and if you will be strong enough to keep going. In spite of all that happens in life we should learn to forgive.

Daler Rahmatov



It happens that one might have a look-alike living in another part of the
world. As a rule, their destinies never cross, and they live their lives
without knowing of each other’s existence. However, this is not the case in
our story…

The wind took the air-balloon to a remote mountainous village. Having
arrived out of nowhere, he flew away the same way, breaking the villager's
peaceful life and changing the destinies of our main characters.


In 1984, Khand is a single mother aged 69 who lives in Uws province. Her only son has gone to serve Republic Army. An unfortunate event occurs and her son is convicted for murder. Khand would travel miles and dedicate every breath, fight with everything she has for her only child.

Synopsis: Mongolian people have a tradition of respecting their roots and an obligation of leaving the world with their offspring. If they can’t do that,there will bebig punishment for their blood chain. In 1900s, there was one insane woman and she gave a birth to child. Though she wasinsane, she dedicated her last breath to her child. Mother’s love is the purest thing one could experience.



Synopsis: After living as an immigrant in the USA for 15 years, Azat flies to Kyrgyzstan to his ancestral village. His father, Murat, died in the USA a year ago. His dying wish is to pay back the money he owed to the villagers. Choro, the younger brother of Murat, and their relations left a long time ago. One day, Choro, who was imprisoned because of Murat, returns and the most important question about Murat's will is found...


Synopsis: A 70-years-old man is driving a car and suddenly he runs down a young girl. Since that moment affectionate sentiments start to emerge between them.
Synopsis: 2014 year, Kazakhstan. A bright childhood story about a boy who tries to find his grandfather and once meets an old man with the same surname. Despite all circumstances these two feel in each other kindred spirits.


Synopsis :

Mid 15th century. After the fall of the powerful Golden Horde several independent khanates formed, among them White Horde which was founded on the territory of the present-day Kazakhstan. Historical power within White Horde belonged to the dynasty of Orda Ichen, the eldest son of Jochi and grandson of the great Gengis Khan. But overtime descendant of the Shaybanids’ youngest branch - Abulkhair seized the power. With cruelty and treachery he expanded the boundaries of the khanate. He ruled the nomads sternly and mercilessly.
Year 1460. Several tens of thousands of nomads unite and side with sultans Kerey and Zhanibek, the descendants of Orda Ichen. On the Сonsult of Tribes’ Elders they decided to decamp from Khan Abulkhair. Sultans reach the borders of Moghulistan, where Esen Buqa, the local ruler agrees to accomodate them. The legendary sage Asan Kaigy, who accompanied the nomad encampment, recalls the events preceding the nomad encampment...
Zhanibek and Kerey decide to secede from Abulkhair’s khanate and establish its own ulus. The heads of the clans sided with Kerey and Zhanibek call for quriltai. Understanding the necessity of unification, they elect Kerey as Khan and declare the formation of Kazakh Khannate.

Director: Vladimir Kott
Synopsis: Schoolteacher Elena Mikhailovna lives in a small town. Unexpectedly for herself, she finds out about a fatal diagnosis, and she can die at any moment. Not to bother her son that she loves a lot and who is really busy working as a business coach, she decides to take care of her own funeral and starts working on organizing it herself.
Director: Klim Shipenko
Synopsis: The unmanned Soviet space station Salyut 7, which is in low Earth orbit, suddenly stops responding to commands from the Control Center. A rescue mission is undertaken. The astronauts must find the dead space station and — for the first time in history — dock to 20 tons of uncontrollable metal. Even though the team realized that they have very little chance to return to Earth alive. The film is based on actual events. The 1985 mission to Salyut 7 is considered to be the most technically challenging in the history of space exploration. 


Synopsis: A child from the Orphanage San Sanyich decidesto find parents for himself and his ward Alesya. He gives the announcement: A young child is looking for a family to organize his private life. As a result, the boy has to play by the rules of adults, which has pressured him by serious moral choice.


Synopsis: Lieutenant Smolich, an intelligence officer, reaches destination at Porechje to strengthen local militia. The time is hard because bandits terrorize people in West Belarus. The bandits of mysterious Freishutz are especially heavy-handed. Smolich and the head of criminal investigation department Krykunov must by any means smash the impalpable enemy. Nevertheless, the operation plan suddenly becomes risky because of informational leak. It turns out that there is a betrayer in their department…
Director: Nadeem Baig

Mehtab Khagga and his family have had ties of love and friendship with Bebo jee and her family.

Fawad Khagga, grandson of Mehtab Khagga, falls in love with his beloved Bebo jee's grand daughter, Amal. He vows to win Amal through the sheer strength of his love. What follows is a test of love, friendship and family and Fawad's ultimate quest to bring Amal with him to Punjab.

Director: Nadeem Baig

A single divorce lawyer takes his three married friends on a vacation to escape their wives. What came next was the funniest and most adventurous time the three friends ever experienced.

Little did they know that the most fantastic moment was to end with an equally scary climax. They are shaken, broken and disappointed. They want their lives back and the only person that could do that was the single lawyer friend.

Director: Yosef Baraki

Mina is a typical 12-year-old girl — feisty and energetic. But Mina lives in modern day Kabul, Afghanistan, and her circumstances are anything but typical. War claimed the life of her mother, the sobriety of her father and the sanity of her grandfather.Intent on keeping her fragmented family together, Mina spends her days peddling souvenirswith a group of urchins on the street. But Mina wants to be normal so she secretly attends classes.Her determination to live a childhood amid a life of responsibilities creates friction with unintended consequences.

Told in an observational style, Mina Walking is a timeless and timely story about the lasting effects of conflict from the perspective of a shattered Afghan family.
Director: Mohammad Nasir Hashimi
Synopsis: A girl struggles to find her lost bag…
Director: Mahesh Narayan
Synopsis: Sameera, is a nurse and a mother to an 8 year old Ibru. Recently divorced she takes up a job in war torn Iraq to overcome financial liabilities. Soon after, she hastily marries her colleague Shahid and moves to Iraq where much to her chagrin; Shahid is taken hostage by the rebel army. Appallingly the hospital she works at is captured soon after. As the embassy wages diplomatic battles to negotiate the return of its nations the possibility of a family reunion an imminent rescue looms large. 
Director: Kamara Kamalova 
Synopsis: It is a colorful film, made with the elements of Uzbek traditions about love and treachery. As the guy finds out about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, he breaks up with the girl. In order not to bring a shame on her family, she has to marry another man.
Director: Rustam Sagdiev
Synopsis: The film tells about the pupil of Shaolin School Shirin, who uses her knowledge in accordance with the teachings of Confucius for solving difficult life situations and her achievements in China. The film was shot in the Imperial Palace and the school "Shaoling",on the territory of the Great Wall of China, as well as in Uzbekistan.

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