Director: Nosir Saidov
Synopsis: The plot takes place in present day Dushanbe. The main character, Anvar is a single parent who did everything to give good upbringing to his son Shahzod.
Meanwhile, story of another character unfolds before our eyes. Romish is a regular guy living in Dushanbe with his own trials and tribulations. He finds out that he has couple month to live because of his heart disease. By the will of fate, Romish kills Shahzod.
Death of Anvars’ son turns his life upside down. But life has misterious ways. Now Anvar has two goals in his life, to find out the killer and who is donor recipient for Shahzods’ heart.
Anvar soon finds out that Shahzods’ heart was transplanted to Romish. After finding him they develop warm relationships. Anvar convinces himself that there is still a piece of his son that is alive and through Romish he can live on. Romish starts to feel akwardly close to Anvar. Is it the heart or just him being an orphan and never feeling parents love? He escaped death but his past torments his guilty conscience.
This drama tells the story f how unpredictable life can be. It is about how many times life can hit you and if you will be strong enough to keep going. In spite of all that happens in life we should learn to forgive.
Country of Production: Tajikistan
Year of Production: 2013
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Dram
Language: Tajik with English subtitles
Cast: Mahmad – Ali Mahmadov
Parviz Saidov
Timur Tursunov
Madina Nazaramonova
Producer: Nosir Saidov
Screenplay by: Bakhtiyor Karimov
Editor: Dilovar Sultonov
Cinematographer: Georgiy Dzalaev
Biography of the Director: