Daler Rahmatov



It happens that one might have a look-alike living in another part of the
world. As a rule, their destinies never cross, and they live their lives
without knowing of each other’s existence. However, this is not the case in
our story…

The wind took the air-balloon to a remote mountainous village. Having
arrived out of nowhere, he flew away the same way, breaking the villager's
peaceful life and changing the destinies of our main characters.

Country of Production: Tajikistan
Year of Production: 2015
Length: 85 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Language: Tajik
Cast: Asad Golybev, Madina Nazaramonova
Producer: Akmal Khasanov, Nosir Saidov
Screenplay by: GulandomMuhabbatova, DalerRahmatov, Ulugbek Sadykov
Editor: Shavkat Marupov
Cinematographer: Shukhrat Qurbonov
Biography of the Director:


born in 1977 in Dushanbe in Tajikistan.
In 1999, he graduated from Tajik State University of Commerce.
Filmography includes Evora(2005), Let It Be a Dream(2009), Air Safar(2015)
He is also the author and director of several documentaries.