Director: Yosef Baraki

Mina is a typical 12-year-old girl — feisty and energetic. But Mina lives in modern day Kabul, Afghanistan, and her circumstances are anything but typical. War claimed the life of her mother, the sobriety of her father and the sanity of her grandfather.Intent on keeping her fragmented family together, Mina spends her days peddling souvenirswith a group of urchins on the street. But Mina wants to be normal so she secretly attends classes.Her determination to live a childhood amid a life of responsibilities creates friction with unintended consequences.

Told in an observational style, Mina Walking is a timeless and timely story about the lasting effects of conflict from the perspective of a shattered Afghan family.
Country of Production: Afghanistan / Canada
Year of Production: 2015
Length: 110 MIN
Genre: Drama, Coming of Age
Language(s): Dari
Starring: Farzana Nawabi
Producer(s): Andrew Korogyi / Asef Baraki
Screenplay by: Yosef Baraki
Editor(s): Yosef Baraki /Andrew Lorogyi
Director’s biography:

Yosef Baraki studied film and philosophy at Toronto’s York University and Humber College.

Serving as writer, director, cinematographer and camera operator, Yosef filmed his first feature Mina Walkingin 19 days with non-professional actors and heavy improvisation in the most chaotic of Kabul’s environments. The result is a loose narrative about Afghanistan’s youth issues and an intimate portrait of seven days in the life of a young girl and her family.

Mina Walking premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival where it competed for the Crystal Bear and the Best First Feature Award. It is the recipient of the 2016 Canadian Screen Award© for best feature film under $250,000. His follow-up film The Children Are Watching explores alienation within Afghanistan’s surging middle-class.