Director: Mohammad Nasir Hashimi
Synopsis: A girl struggles to find her lost bag…
Country of Production: Afghanistan
Year of Production: 2015
Length: 15 MIN
Language(s): Farsi
Cast: Marina Gulbahari and Homan Wesa
Producer(s): Jawed Taiman
Screenplay by: Mohammad Nasir Hashimi
Editor(s): Jamil Jala
Cinematographer(s): Sayed Masoud Islami
Director’s biography:

Mohammad Nasir Hashimi was born in 1990 in Afghanistan. He got his bachelor’s degree in Film Directing from Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University.

He made his short films named Circle,Kabul I love you, and the Lost Bag. Now he is working as General Manager of Art Department at Afghan Film, Ministry of Information and Culture.