Director: Ann Hui

This film is set in Hong Kong in the 1940s. Fang Lan, a young and charming girl, and her mother, depend on each other to live. They rent the second floor of their house to the writer, Mao Dun, and his wife, Kong Dezhi. Fang Lan has a passion for Mao Dun's writings and can feel a revolutionary fervor and strong national integrity in his work. However, Fang Lan knows little about the turbulent political situation and tense political atmosphere around her.

Liu Jinjin is a progressive young man in excellent physical condition. Entrusted by the Party, he is responsible for escorting a group of important scholars who are stranded in Hong Kong to return to the mainland. Mao Dun and his family are on the list. Accidentally, Fang Lan gets involved in the dangerous event. Advised and encouraged by Liu Jinjin, she joins the revolutionary ranks. Thus, the mother and daughter get swept up in the torrent of history.

Country of Production: China
Year of Production: 2017
Length: 130 MIN
Genre: Drama, History, War
Language(s): Mandarin, Cantonese
Starring: Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng, Wallace Huo, Guo Tao, Huang Zhizhong, Jiang Wenli, Tony Leung, Ivana Wong, Ray Lui
Producer(s): Roger Lee, Stephen Lam, Ann Hui
Screenplay by: He Jiping
Editor(s): Mary Stephen
Cinematographer(s): Nelson Yu
Director's biography:

Ann Hui, Director

She studied English and comparative literature at the University of Hong Kong and received a master's degree in literature. She studied at the London Film School for her film courses. As a director, she has won the Best Director award of the Hong Kong Film Awards three times, and numerous other awards. She is among the three directors who have won the most awards in the history of the Hong Kong Film Awards. She received the Grand Prize of the 19thFukuoka Prize on September 18, 2008. She is the first female director to have won the prize.

Her film works cover a variety of categories, including literature adaptations, masterpieces of martial arts, semi-autobiographical works, women’s issues, social phenomena, political changes, and even thrillers. She has won the Best Director award of the Hong Kong Film Awards three times (in 1983, 1996, and 2009).
Her main works include Love in a Fallen City, The Romance of Book and Sword, Song of the Exile, Summer Snow, Ordinary Heroes, July Rhapsody, The Postmodern Life of My Aunt, The Way We Are, Night and Fog, All About Love, etc.