Director: Hu Mei

Wang Changsheng, a talented performer of martial roles in Peking opera, is the rising star of the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe in Yangzhou. Emperor Qianlong sends Princess Feng to Jiangnan to select an opera troupe to enter the Forbidden City. Although favored by the princess, Wang Changsheng resolutely elopes with his fiancée, Fang Chunrong, as they had agreed. This move causes the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe to run into a great crisis and also makes Jiang Chun, the owner of the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe, never to recover from the setback, staying in bed due to illness for a long time.  Meanwhile, Yue Jiu, a famous performer in the Forbidden City, is driven away by the court from the capital due to being set up by his peers, forcing him to flee to Yangzhou in the south.

The two opera talents, who didn't know each other before, meet in a town by destiny. Yue Jiu is chased by killers and Changsheng comes to his rescue. At night, they talk about opera as if they were old friends. Seeing that, Fang Chunrong manages to persuade her husband to go back to Yangzhou, but unexpectedly, she is taken away by her family. Changsheng returns to the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe. Through his own effort and with appreciation from the princess, he wins a chance to save the opera troupe. But, to his surprise, Emperor Qianlong changes his mind and asks the acrobatic troupe to meet him. The chance of meeting the emperor and the provisions and funds the princess has promised are gone. The princess is asked to go back to the palace urgently. Yue Jiu gives money to save the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe on the condition that he can perform with Wang Changsheng together in the Forbidden City. Finally, the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe enters the Forbidden City smoothly.  Wang Changsheng and Yue Jiu jointly give a grand performance for Emperor Qianlong, who comes to make an inspection tour.  From then on, the Chuntai Peking Opera Troupe, Wang Changsheng, and others perfect their performance and go down in history. 
Country of Production: China
Year of Production: 2018
Length: 113 MIN
Genre: Drama
Language(s): Mandarin
Starring: Fu Dalong, Ma Yili, Ma Jinghan, Wang Ziwen, Yao Anlian, Liu Liwei, Jiao Huang, Liu Peiqi
Producer(s): Hao Yaning
Screenplay by: Zou Jingzhi
Editor(s): Zhu Liyun
Cinematographer(s): Chen Dan
Director's biography:

Hu Mei, Director

She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy’s Department of Directing in 1982. A famous member of the fifth generation of young directors to emerge from the BFA, she is a representative of the National People's Congress, a CPPCC member, the vice president of the China Television Artists Association, vice president of the China Television Director Committee, a member of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and a national Class-A director of the Art Creation Center of the China Film Group Corporation.

Her films have won many awards at home and abroad. Representative films include Army Nurse, Far Removed from the War Age, On the Other Side of the Bridge, Confucius(featuring Chow Yun-fat as Confucius), Enter the Forbidden City, etc.

For the TV series she has directed, she was rated among China's Top Ten Outstanding Female Directors and Top Twenty TV Series Directors; she has on multiple occasions won the China Television Drama Flying Apsaras , China TV Golden Eagle, and Best Works awards; and she has won the Seoul International Drama Award for Best Television Series. Representative TV series include Yongzheng Dynasty, Loyalty(which she also produced), The Emperor in Han Dynasty, Camphor Tree, Qiao's Grand Courtyard, Persistence, Prominent Family, etc.