Director: Kamara Kamalova 
Synopsis: It is a colorful film, made with the elements of Uzbek traditions about love and treachery. As the guy finds out about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, he breaks up with the girl. In order not to bring a shame on her family, she has to marry another man.
Country of Production: Uzbekistan
Year of Production: 2006
Length: 77 MIN
Genre: melodrama
Language(s): Uzbek
Starring: ZarinaNizameddinova, Aziz Rametov, Iso Abduhairov
Producer(s): National Agency “Uzbekkino” and Creative Association “Shod”
Screenplay by: Shomyrzo Turdymov
Editor(s): Olga Morova
Cinematographer(s): Rifkat Ibragimov
Biography of the Director: