Director: Rustam Sagdiev
Synopsis: The film tells about the pupil of Shaolin School Shirin, who uses her knowledge in accordance with the teachings of Confucius for solving difficult life situations and her achievements in China. The film was shot in the Imperial Palace and the school "Shaoling",on the territory of the Great Wall of China, as well as in Uzbekistan.
Country of Production: Uzbekistan
Year of Production: 2018
Length: 110 MIN
Genre: Melodrama-detective
Language(s): Uzbek
Starring: Shirin Abdullaeva, Gulnur Abdullaeva, Farkhod Makhmudov, Ra’no Shodieva, Yuriy Stoyanov
Producer(s): Bakhodir Abdullaev
Screenplay by: Madina Muminova 
Editor(s): Farkhod Tokhirov
Cinematographer(s): Istedod Usmanov, Jakhongir Ibragimov
Biography of the Director: Rustam Sagdiev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He studied at St.Peterburg State University of Film and Television in 1988.